Gold Panning Licence – Individual Day


Individual Day Gold Panning Licence.  This licence permits the holder to pan for gold in the Wanlock Water, The Mennock Water and their tributaries, all shown on the plan on the actual licence.  Please stipulate in the notes the date you wish to have put on your licence. If no date stipulated your licence will be the date of purchase.

Terms & Conditions

 1: When on land belonging to the Buccleuch Estates Ltd (Buccleuch) the holder will keep to recognised tracks and at all times shall minimise disturbance to flora and fauna.

2: Any person visiting Buccleuch lands must understand they do so entirely at their own risk  and  indemnify Buccleuch from any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage resulting from any incident whilst on the Queensberry Estate.

3: The licence holder must have the licence in their possession at all times when they are on Estate land for the purpose of gold panning and must produce the licence to any person authorised by Buccleuch.

4: Panning may only take place between 8am and 10pm, or dusk, if earlier. Commercial panning is forbidden.

5. Any gravels taken for panning must come only from the streambed, under no circumstances may the riverbanks be damaged to remove gold bearing

6. Implements permitted are a pan, a hand sieve (or ‘riddle’), a hand trowel, a small spade and a gravel pump with a maximum barrel width of 2.5 inches and sluice box.

7: The licence holder(s) must conform to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and remove any litter before leaving the panning site. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

8: Fires are not permitted by the It is a criminal offence in Scottish Law to light a fire within 30 meters of a road and will be treated as such.

9: Under no circumstances is metal detecting to be carried out on Estate

NO PANNING WILL BE ALLOWED BELOW THE BRIDGE AT THE JUNCTION OF THE MENNOCK WATER AND THE GLENCLACH BURN BETWEEN THE BEGINNING OF OCTOBER AND END OF (This condition has been implemented to protect the salmon spawning in the gravel until the end of May which would be destroyed by panning and will be strictly enforced.)

It is in the interests of all concerned that the above rules are observed; otherwise, for reasons of environmental protection, we reserve the right to prohibit permission for gold panning.



In signing the licence you are confirming acceptance of all conditions attached to this licence and indemnify Buccleuch Estates Ltd (BEL) and any of BEL’s agents, including the Lead Mining Museum, Wanlockhead, from any claims of whatsoever nature which may arise out of a visit by me/us to the Wanlockhead area for the purpose of gold panning.

In the case of a yearly licence, these will now be issued for a set calendar year, i.e. the “valid to” date will be 31st December of the current year regardless of the commencement date rather than on a “rolling” basis. Since the annual fee is the equivalent of a 5 x day ticket or 2 x weekly ticket, this still represents a discount for any period over 2 weeks even if purchased late in the year.

Your licence with its unique number will be emailed to you for printing.  Please adhere to the travel regulations within Scotland.

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